Our School Story

The purpose of R.C. Palmer Secondary School is to provide opportunities which will enable all learners to develop their individual potential and to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes to become educated citizens.

Palmer offers a range of learning opportunities to meet the needs and interests of the school population.  Palmer has an Incentive Program, which includes enrichment and/or acceleration of the academic curricula.  We also have a vibrant Visual and Performing Arts program, Home Economics and Fashion Design, and Advanced Placement classes.  Palmer also offers a variety of computer related courses and technology education courses.  The district’s ACE-IT Plumbing program is run through Palmer school.

Palmer also has a well-established extra-curricular and athletic program offering many opportunities for our students.  Our Global Networks club and Student Council are two of the many clubs that allow students to develop their leadership skills.  At Palmer we continue to foster social responsibility and connectedness in our students through teaching and events centered on PALMER PRIDE (Positive Attitude, Respect, Integrity, Diversity, and Excellence).