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Robert C. Palmer Junior High School first opened in September 1959 with 769 students in grades 7, 8, and 9.  The school is named after Robert Cecil Palmer, a prominent Richmond resident and magistrate in the provincial court for 22 years.  The school underwent two renovations in 1978 and in the late 1990s.  R. C. Palmer was then "officially reopened" in May 2000.  Also, in the late 90's, Palmer became a full grade 8 to 12 secondary school.  The first graduating class walked across the stage in June of 1997.

The school colours, navy blue and powder blue, were chosen by the student council during the first year in 1959.  Our Greek motto, KUDOS, can be translated as either "for valour" or "for honour" and is part of the original school crest designed by the first art department.  The "Griffin" is part of the Palmer family coat of arms and is a creature of mythology with the head and wings of an eagle and the body and legs of a lion.  Supposedly of gigantic proportions, the Griffin's virtues are vigilance, loyalty, courage, and strength.

The Palmer Griffins have established a rich history and developed a legacy of excellence - in the classroom, on the playing fields, and in fine and performing arts.  Palmer Pride - share it show it.