Personal Learning Time

To all our Students, Parents and Guardians,

We are just reminding everyone that Personal Learning Time (PLT) continues to be part of our weekly learning activities at Palmer. 

PLT is a period of instructional time each week set aside as “self-directed” time for students to learn with teacher support. Students are given choice and ownership over their learning.  Staff will facilitate a responsible learning environment by providing support if the students need help and encouraging undistracted / independent learning. Students will develop skills such as questioning, communication, short-term and long-term goal setting, organization and time management, self-regulation and self-awareness. 

There will be an ON-LINE system for students to sign up for the teacher(s) they wish to work with.


Students should follow the attached instructions to login to their account and become familiar with the system.  Students may begin signing up for their teachers for PLT when instructed via email.  This is a student-only system – we encourage parents to have conversations with their student(s) about how they are using their Personal Learning Time.


Please see the attached video link for more information for our students regarding sign up!