Valedictory for Grads of 2021

Please note that in view of the current situation, dates and events are subject to change or cancellation.  Please visit the website regulary for updates.

Valedictory Ceremony Filming

As we look towards the celebration events for the grads of 2021, we wanted to notify parents/grads that we are once again planning a video recording/virtual Valedictory Ceremony.  The tentative date for the broadcast of this event is June 17, 2021.  In order to meet this broadcast date, we are going to be filming graduating students “walking across the stage” on Friday, May 21, 2021.  We have selected this day for filming as it is a non-instructional day and school will not be in session for students.  Please ensure that all grade 12 students set this day aside as a day they will be required to attend for filming of their valedictory ceremony. We are still unsure what if any additional events can be included on the filming day.  We will be working within our Covid-19 health guidelines as we plan these days.  Grad gowns and caps will be distributed well in advance of this filming day.  

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