General Information

Please note that in view of the current situation, all of the information below may be subject to change.  Please visit the website regulary for updates.


Students will be assigned a locker and a lock during the first week of school.  Students must use the locker and lock that they are assigned, and may not move or change their locker throughout the year.  If a student loses their lock, they must purchase another lock from the office for $8.00.  Students are not permitted to bring their own locks from home.  Students are also responsible for the condition of their locker during the year. It is advisable that students do not bring valuables to school and should not share their lock combinations with anyone.

Cell Phones, Digital Cameras, iPods & Other Electronics

Cellular phones are not to be used in class UNLESS the student has been given permission by the teacher.  When a parent or guardian has an emergency where they must contact a student during school time, the parent or guardian should phone the school office, explain that it is an emergency, and the student will be called from class. If you are old enough to have your own smartphone, you are expected to be responsible enough to regulate your behaviour.  We have WiFi in the school and you will be able to connect to the internet.  Remember, the internet is forever – always THINK before you text, post, like or share an image or message.  If it is unkind, hurtful, and inappropriate or you would not want your parents or teacher to see it, then DON’T do it!

Students with digital cameras and cell phones need to know that it is unacceptable to take someone’s picture or photograph school materials without permission.  It is also unacceptable to video other students without their permission.  In addition, other electronic devices such as iPods, handheld electronic games, etc. impede learning and disrupt other students in most classrooms and library situations and should not be used unless permitted by the teacher.  These devices should be turned off and put away during class time. Students who violate this policy may have their electronic device confis­cated by the school. The school is not responsible for damage, loss, or theft of any of these items.


Food is available in the lounge before school, at recess, and at lunch.  A well-balanced selection of food is available at reasonable prices, as part of the healthy food choices initiative.  We expect that students will behave in a way that makes the lounge a pleasant and comfortable place for everybody to enjoy.

RCMP Liaison Officer

Our liaison officer is part of the RCMP School Liaison Program designed to build better relationships through positive personal contact, service, education, and assistance in dealing with criminal problems.  The School Liaison Officer is available as a resource person for students and staff and can provide general information on Police-related matters.  Students can contact our RCMP liaison officer by leaving a note in the main office.

 Withdrawal from a class

Students may not drop a class without seeing a counsellor or obtaining approval from the administration.  If the course is not deleted from the student’s timetable, the student will continue to have absences recorded for the course, and will be assigned a grade.

School Charges

School charges include costs for student agenda books, activities, and communication.  (Note:  Monies collected from students will always be applied first towards the payment of school charges and pre-existing charges).


Take good care of your textbooks as they are paid for by the school and will be used again by future students.  You will be required to pay for dam­aged or lost books at the end of the year.

Library Resource Centre             

Mr. T. Morley

The Palmer Library supports student learning by providing access to curriculum related materials in many forms.  In addition to meeting the needs of students creating projects, undertaking independent study, and reading for pleasure, the Library, through its online catalogue, also provides support for independent scholarly research.  Mr. Morley also provides technical support for students completing essays and constructing projects.

Dress Code

Decisions regarding student dress require the careful balance of the individual’s right to self-expression and the school’s responsibility to ensure a safe, caring and respectful learning environment. Balancing individual freedom and social convention makes it difficult to provide a set of precise criteria. Instead, we ask that all members of the school community dress in ways that show respect for one another. Nothing in this dress code should be construed in a manner that reinforces or increases marginalization or oppression of any group.​


All visitors are requested to report to the school office. Visitors with an important purpose are welcomed to our school. Those who arrive with no purpose, however, will be asked to leave. Students should make ar­rangements to meet friends who are not Palmer students, away from school property.

Field Trips & School Functions

Students must have signed parental and teacher permission to partici­pate in any Palmer field trip.  Students are responsible for obtaining and completing all work missed while on a field trip.  Students may lose the privilege of attending or participating in field trips and extra-curricular events or activities as a consequence of poor attendance or behaviour. All school rules apply to all field trips and at all school related functions.  Remember, when on a school trip or at a school event, we all share the responsibility of representing Palmer with pride and class.  

Fire Alarms & Drills

Fire and earthquake drills will be held at regular intervals to ensure that all students are familiar with school evacuation procedures. The fire alarm system at Palmer is connected with the main Fire Depart­ment. Therefore, if the alarms are set off, the fire fighters must respond.  If you accidentally set off an alarm, notify the office at once.

Discipline Procedures

Most cases of student misbehaviour will be dealt with by the teacher.  If a pattern of misbehaviour develops, the teacher will contact student’s parents by phone. If a student commits a serious offence, the teacher will inform the office immediately.  Appropriate action will then be taken by an administrator.

Fighting or Harassment

At Palmer, all people have the right to work and learn in a safe environ­ment. Bullying, harassment, intimidation or fighting will not be tolerated.  The consequence for these behaviours will include parental involvement, RCMP contact and suspension.


The best defence against acts of theft is to not bring valuable items to school.  Protect your belongings and do not leave money or other valuables in an unattended bag, locker or changing room. Students involved in theft will face serious consequences, including suspension and loss of extra-curricular privileges.  You do not have to be the one who steals to be involved in theft.  NOTE:  BRING A LOCK TO PE CLASSES.

Firecrackers and Fireworks

Possession of fireworks and/or firecrackers is prohibited by law in Richmond.  Involvement with either of these will result in parental contact, school suspension and may also be reported to the RCMP.


Smoking Policy

At Palmer, we value the health and safety of all of our school and community members. There have been issues with smoking/vaping in our school building and on our school grounds by members of our Palmer community, both school based and in the larger adult population. We have prioritized educating our school community on the effects of smoking/vaping in various formats throughout the last few years. With this in mind, we wanted to remind students and parents of the City of Richmond Public Health Protection bylaw #6989 (Subdivision Six: Smoking Control and Regulation; Part 6.3.1 effective date March 13, 2000), as detailed below:


6.3.1    A person must not smoke:           

            (a) in a public park or school ground; or

            (b) on or within twenty-five (25) meters of any outdoor sport    facility or playground

 In this bylaw, smoke or smoking means to inhale, exhale, burn or carry (a) a lighted cigarette, cigar, pipe, or other smoking equipment that burns tobacco, cannabis or other substance or (b) an activated e-cigarette.

Enforcement of this bylaw may include the issuance of violation tickets by the Richmond RCMP. Please note, these tickets come with monetary fines that increase per subsequent offence.

Parking & Driving

Student parking is only allowed in designated areas.  Students who drive recklessly will lose the privilege of driving to school and parking on the school lot.  We urge you to be safe - slow down and buckle up!  

Study Locations

Grade 12 students with a study block and students with an “off-timetable” course have the following options:

                 1.  Study quietly in the student lounge.

                 2.  Study quietly in the library.

                 3.  Leave the school property.

Students are not to wander the halls, and are not permitted in the parking lots or playing fields during class time.



Students riding bicycles to school are expected to obey traffic regulations en route to and from school. Bicycles should be locked with sturdy locks to the bicycle racks at the front of the school. They should not be left in any other area of the school grounds. The school cannot be responsible for any damage or theft to bicycles. Students are not permitted to loiter around bike racks. If any of the above transportation items are used within the school building, they will be confiscated by the office.  Longboard parking is available in the school office.