Learning and Actions for September 2018 to June 2019:

- Connect the language in Palmer PRIDE (School Connectedness/ERASE Bullying) to the Social Responsibility (SR) Core Competency.

- Professional Development on the teaching of empathy.

- Common Social Responsibility/PRIDE language in course outlines and student expectations.

- Addition of on-line behavior descriptors in PRIDE language.

- School-wide teaching of SR/empathy in mini-lessons.

- Continue school wide celebrations to build community and Social Responsibility

- Sharing strategies at staff meetings, collaboration time and professional development days.

- Leadership opportunities for students.

- Investigate a plan to implement a second focus for the 2019-2020 school year: Students will be able to use creative and critical thinking skills to demonstrate diverse knowledge and a broader understanding if themselves and their place in the world.


Our Evidence:

- Social Responsibility Core Competency student reflections.

- Student Focus groups.

- ‘FYI’ data collection (data base to report on targeted behaviours).

- Ministry of Education Student Learning Survey (former Satisfaction survey).

- Anecdotal reports from Staff, Students and Parents.

- “Kudos” reported and documented (student recognition).

Palmer Empathy Reflection Responses - February 2018