Our school focus for September 2018-2019:

Palmer’s student population is one of the smallest in the Richmond School district.  However, over the past two years, we have seen an increased in enrollment resulting in a significant number in our Grade 8 population.  We anticipate this growth to continue and provide for opportunities to further enhance the programming that can be offered at Palmer.  Palmer is a tight-knit community of students, staff and parents.  As depicted in the graphic attached below, our community spent the last year, exploring the question, “What Makes a Great School?”.  Using an inquiry-based approach, professional development days, student focus groups and PAC meetings our learning community has determined that our focus for the 2018 school year will be that: Students will be more empathetic and socially responsible citizens.

Our school focus for September 2019-2020:

Investigate a plan to implement a second focus for the 2019-2020 school year: Students will be able to use creative and critical thinking skills to demonstrate diverse knowledge and a broader understanding of themselves and their place in the world.