Daily Notices - Thursday October 21st 2021

Hey Griffins, Palmer Eco Team here. The annual Waste Reduction Week in Canada is structured into seven theme days that focus on promoting environmental stewardship and related achievements. Today is day four, and the central theme is plastics. By 2050, it is estimated that 12 billion tonnes of plastic will be used. You can help contribute to the cause by recycling properly. At Palmer, we have soft plastic bins where snack bags, wrappers, and Ziploc bags are disposed of. It would be greatly appreciated if you could take a moment to consider where an item belongs when recycling.


Want to submit announcements to the Pulse of Palmer? Email us @rcpalmerjournalism by 2:30pm the day before you would like your announcement to run. For example, if you would like students to see the announcement on Tuesday, send them in by Monday before 2:30pm. Make sure to include the specific dates you would like the announcements to go on, along with your announcement, thanks!


If you are interested in helping produce the Pulse of Palmer to gain volunteer hours, there are many opportunities created as we film everyday afterschool in the library. Visit us there if you are interested or reach out to Krista, Zoe or Alina.


Payment for AP exams are due on Cash Online on October 20. If you do not pay for the exam, it cannot be ordered. Please see Ms. Dhanoa if you have any issues with the timeline.


“Hey Grade 12s! Grad committee here to let you know that there is going to be a donut sale on October 26. The prices are $12 per dozen and $1.50 per donut. We urge you to go buy them now on school cash online before sales run out! “


Next week, Student Council will be having a special tournament to celebrate halloween with Palmer Griffins.