2021-2022 BC Numeracy and Literacy Assessments

All students in Grade 12 and Grade 10 must complete the BC Graduation assessments in the areas of Numeracy and LiteracyThese assessments are prepared by the BC Ministry of Education and must be written by all students as a part of their graduation requirements. 

Here are some important things to know about these assessments:

  • The GLA (LITERACY) Grade 10 and GNA (NUMERACY) Grade 10 are requirements for graduation.
  • The GLA (LITERACY) Grade 12 is also required for graduation.
  • Students are assessed on a four point proficiency scale: Emerging, Developing, Proficient and Extending
  • There is no “pass” or “fail” – students must write the assessments in order to meet the BC graduation requirements. 
  • Assessment results are not blended with any subject as was the case with past provincial examinations. The results stand alone on the student’s transcript.

Please take time to visit the Numeracy information site for more information and videos on the assessments themselves. There are also sample questions available. 

Grade 10 literacy



Grade 10 numeracy



Grade 12 literacy



Palmer Assessment Schedule

Grade 12 Literacy        Nov 2nd 2021

Grade 10 Literacy        Nov 3rd 2021

Grade 10 Numeracy    April 12th, 2022


Students will be assigned a specific time on these days on which they will complete the assessment. This schedule for November will be posted in the school on October 17.