Daily Notices - Wednesday June 16th 2021

Student Council elections are here! Please see candidate speeches posted on the Palmer website. At the end of the video is a QR code and students vote online.

Students will have to enter an email address to ensure they only vote once. Only students in the co-responding grade can vote for their grade rep. Voting closes at 3pm on Friday.

If you have any issues with voting, please see Ms. Dhanoa.



"This is a reminder for everyone to return your library books by June 21. All items that are not returned will be marked lost, and you'll be required to pay the replacement fee."



All grade 8-11 students, please note the following message from the Counselling department:

You will receive a paper copy of next year’s schedule on Monday June 21st.  Many changes are still happening on our end.  We will contact you ahead of time if there are any major issues; please be patient and wait until next week.  Once you receive your schedule, you will have 2 days to report any errors.



“Living beyond the horizon will be having a booth in the lounge for a chance for you to give your opinion on how the schools supports youth mental health! Your input will be used to create a discussion about mental health with school staff! You will also be entered to win some big prizes! Come make your voice heard!”