Career Centre

Come visit the Palmer Career Centre to explore and to discuss your career plans for your future. Learn about the many careers available, how to find high school prerequisites required for post-secondary programs,  learn about the many programs offered at colleges and universities,  research scholarships and volunteering and enrichment opportunities. It is vital to have a good plan in place as you finish high school. Feel free to drop in or to make an appointment for your questions.

Contact person:

Marika Mayer
Career Information Advisor

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Career Developer Section

Resources for 'Self Awareness & Assessment for Career Development' 

  • I.Q. Test, Career Test, Personality Test and more:
  • Human Metrics – Jung Typology Tests. After you complete the “Jung Typology Test”, click “Identifying your career with Jung Career Indicator” and you will get a list of occupations most suitable to your personality type:
  • Holland Code Quiz. Based on a characterization of your personality in terms of Holland Code personality types, you will learn what kind of work environments suit you best.   What professions and occupations will fit your  personality:

High School Vocational Testing ~ UBC Continuing Studies – Designed to assist teens (ages 16-19) with career exploration and planning for the future, the High School Vocational Package offers insight into personal characteristics that can help teens find direction and uncover potential. Aptitude, personality, values and career interest inventories provide practical individualized information for identifying and evaluating career and post-secondary educational options. All appointments are in downtown Vancouver at UBC Robson Square.  For more information and cost, contact: 604.822.8585.


Search For A Career

Career Trek - Featured careers in BC. Search careers alphabetically. Watch featured career videos. Visit:

Career Options Magazine – Online edition of Career Options High School Edition—the magazine dedicated to helping Canadian high school students find the Career they love and build the life they want. Visit:

School Subjects and related Careers  -

Trades Training

Take a trades & technology survey that best matches your age group and discover which trades are a good match for you:

Find a trades program, learn about apprenticeship and foundation programs and view waitlists for programs:

Find Colleges and Universities in Canada offers information for more than 1,700 post-secondary institutions in Canada. It provides learners with information about programs, finances, careers, and more.

New Career Exploration Program:  myBlueprint
This is the school District’s new career exploration program that the School District of Richmond has purchased for all students to plan and showcase their career learning and to create their own portfolios that will be used towards graduation.
Students  can visit this site, sign up and create an account using the 9 digit pen number and create a password to continue using and saving their information.