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Awards are presented in recognition of a student’s academic competence and extra-curricular involvement.  A student must demonstrate good citi­zenship to be considered for any R.C. Palmer award. To help you set your goals, here is a list of the major awards:
Performing Arts Awards
Students qualify for a Performing Arts Award if they accumulate a mini­mum of six performance points.  Points are awarded for participation in extra-curricular work only.   The performance needs to be a polished performance that necessitates significant rehearsal time with noticeable skill development.
Service Awards
All students are encouraged to develop their leadership skills and their sense of social responsibility by volunteering time to help and support oth­ers in the R.C. Palmer community. Service is recognized at two levels. To be eligible for the Level 1 award, students must put in a minimum of 30 hours of service for which they receive no payment and no course credit.  To be eligible for the Level 2 award, students must put in a minimum of 100 hours of service for which they receive no payment and no course credit.  These hours may be obtained in any activity that serves the R.C. Palmer school community. Extracurricular club meetings do not count towards the service hour tally.
Athletic Awards
At the end of each sports season, coaches will assign recognition to all those who participated.  Athletes can receive an athletic award for rep­resenting Palmer school in a sanctioned league involving other schools.  Athletic awards are achieved by participating in the following:      
                        a) One major sport and one minor sport
                        b) Three minor sports
                        c) Two major sports
Top Student in Subject Area:
The most outstanding student in each subject area at R.C. Palmer is honoured each year.
Top Academic Student in each grade:
The top scholar in Grades 8-12 are selected on the basis of her/his Grade Point Average.
Top Athlete:
The top athletes in each grade level are recognized at the end of the year.  Student athletes at R.C. Palmer must demonstrate ability and sportsmanship and strive to be positive representatives of our school.
Top Performing Artist in each grade:
Students in each grade level are selected for this distinction based on their enthusiastic and skilled participation in performing arts programs.
Top Service Student in each grade:
Students in each grade level who provide the greatest and most distin­guished service to the school in a variety of areas are awarded the top service award.
Outstanding All-Around Student in each grade:
Students in each grade level that achieve excellence in all areas:  academ­ics, service, athletics and/or fine and performing arts are recognized by the prestigious top “all-round” student awards.