CP: Canadian Education and Re-Integration (CEDAR)

Course Description

 The CEDAR (Canadian Education and Re-Integration) Initiative focuses on students who have been in Canada between 1 and 3 years, may be at risk for dropping out of school and are having difficulty adjusting to life in Canada.

The CEDAR Initiative consists of up to 22 students who are in grades 10 and 11 and between the ages of 15 to 17 with an ESL level of 2 or greater. These students will have four blocks of regular classes at Palmer or Richmond Virtual School (also at Palmer). Such classes may include Math, PE, ESL and an elective. The remaining four blocks will consist of CEDAR Initiative courses such as career and life skills support and ESL classes pertaining to Canadian culture and integration. One-to-one academic, cultural and personal support is an ongoing and crucial factor in the success of the student achieving his or her top potential. 

The goal of the CEDAR Initiative is to re-connect students to their school and community so they can go on to either graduate or to find positive options for themsevles outside of the school environment. 


*This course does not count toward graduation credits


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