ART: Photography Level 2

Course Description

Prerequisite: Photography Level 1

Photography Level 2 provides students, who already have a basic understanding of photography, with a variety of technical and creative skills.

This course focuses on advanced darkroom techniques and  exploring studio still life, portraiture and principles of lighting. Students learn to use studio strobes and light modifiers. Emphasis will be placed on the creative and commercial aspects of studio photography. Retouching and enhancing images in Photoshop will be taught. Professional display of photographs using mats and frames will be expected for the final portfolio. Students will also learn lighting techniques to light location portraiture and/or editorial content. Students learn to use off camera hot shoe flashes and various modifiers to achieve desired effects. Students learn to work with ambient light or overpower it to control conceptual content. Evaluation will be based on creating a portfolio of your work and displaying your work in the school gallery. 


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