ART: Photography Level 1

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No Prerequisite

Photography Level 1 is a basic course in photography designed to offer experiences in the darkroom and the use of a film camera. Students will learn manual camera functions including control of aperture and shutter speed. Assignments explore the creative possibilities of manual control of the camera and lens.  This course builds the foundation for visual literacy regarding both form and content of photographic images. The elements and principles of design as they relate to photographic composition are emphasized. Students learn framing within the viewfinder and explore various compositional principles. Students also learn to examine images critically through critiques. Successful completion provides a foundation for further study in advanced photography courses. Evaluation will be based on creating a portfolio of your work and displaying your work in the school gallery. 

This class is open to students in Grades 10, 11 or 12 that are interested in an introductory class with no experience with photography.


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