General Information


Principal: Mr. H. Ghaug

Vice Principal:   Ms. H, Dhanoa

Vice Principal: Mr. D. Partridge

Palmer’s administrative team works with students and teachers on a daily basis.  If parents have any questions or concerns about their son/daughter or about Palmer, please contact any member of the Palmer administrative team - we are here to help our students be successful.

School Office

Ms. G. Dowsett, Mrs. C. Fleming and Ms. H. Lapointe

The main office is open from 7:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Our office staff are available to assist you and welcome your queries.

Phone:  (604) 668-6288     

Fax:  (604) 668-6488


Business Assistant

Ms. L. Henry

The Business Assistant’s office is inside the main office area. She is the person to deal with regarding any financial issues.


Palmer counsellors are available to help with course and academic planning, personal issues and career and post-secondary planning.  Parents are encouraged to phone and make an appointment with their child’s counsellor if they have any concerns regarding their child.

Ms. R. Gill (A-Li)

Ms. L. White (Lian-Z)

Career Centre

Ms. M. Mayer

The Career Centre is part of the Counselling Department.  It offers students an opportunity to explore career and post-secondary options and to obtain information and/or applications on the following: employment trends, careers, post-secondary applications and programs, scholarships, exchange programs and employment or volunteer opportunities.

Public Health Nurse

Public Health Nurses in high schools: act as a support and resource to help students, families and school staff access appropriate health services; offer immunizations to students in Grade 9 and at the Richmond Immunization Clinic; and provide sexual health services at Richmond Youth Clinic.  Richmond Youth Clinic offers free and confidential sexual health serivces for youth under 21.  Please call 604-233-3150 for more information.


Library Resource Centre

Mr. T. Morley

The Palmer Library supports student learning by providing access to curriculum related materials in many forms.  In addition to meeting the needs of students creating projects, undertaking independent study, and reading for pleasure, the Library, through its online catalogue, also provides support for independent scholarly research.  Mr. Morley also can provide technical support for students completing essays and constructing projects.                                           

School R.C.M.P. Liaison Program

Palmer is a participant in the School Liaison Program in conjunction with the Richmond RCMP Detachment.  The School Liaison Officer is avail­able as a resource person for students and staff and can provide general information on police-related matters.  Students can contact our RCMP liaison officer by leaving a note at the main office.

Parent Advisory Council

The PAC meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month during the school year, and is open to all parents of students in the school. The role of the PAC and the School Planning Council (SPC) is to promote a spirit of communication and collaboration within the school community; provide a forum for all partners in education,  make recommendations regarding school goals, programs and services; and organize, with the principal, volunteer programs and endeavours which support student activities and achievement.

Student Safety

Palmer is a very safe school.  We are proud of the ethos of care and respect that exists amongst students and staff and we work very hard to provide a safe and nurturing place to learn.  Bullying, intimidation, harassment, racism, or fighting are not acceptable and are treated very seriously by the school. 


For safety reasons, all visitors must sign in at the main office. Unauthorized visitors or people who come to school with no particular purpose, will be asked to leave. Students are asked not to invite their friends to visit them at school and are reminded not to visit other schools during the school day.


We recognize that smoking is a serious health hazard and encourage our students to make healthy choices. Students are forbidden to smoke on school premises (building as well as grounds) at any time. E-cigarettes/Vapes are part of this policy.

Alcohol or Drugs

We have ‘zero tolerance’ for the possession/use of alcohol or drugs at school or school functions.  Consequences for infractions of this policy are serious and will involve parents, the RCMP, suspension from school and transfer to another school for repeat offences.  Students wanting help or information about drugs or alcohol are encouraged to see their counsellor.

Field Trips & School Functions

Students must have signed parental and teacher permission to partici­pate in any Palmer field trip.  Students are responsible for obtaining and completing all work missed while on a field trip.  Students may lose the privilege of attending or participating in field trips and extra-curricular events or activities as a consequence of poor attendance or behaviour. All school rules apply to all field trips and at all school related functions.  Remember, when on a school trip or at a school event, we all share the responsibility of representing Palmer with pride and class.