Announcements and Reminders from the RC Palmer Admin Team

NEW!! Grade 12 Literacy Assessment

BC high school students graduating in June 2022 who receive a UBC offer of admission will be required to demonstrate a Proficient level of performance on the Grade 12 Literacy Assessment to maintain their offer of admission.  This requirement must be completed by June 30, and final results are due by the end of July.  Applicants who do not achieve Proficient on the assessment will have their offer of admission reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  Please see your counselor or Ms. Mayer, the career counselor for further details.

Darker Days: Use of Reflective Gear

A reminder to students to use extra caution when walking, biking, or driving to and from school. Darker mornings and afternoons make it more difficult for drivers to see you on the roads and in our parking lots. Reflective gear and lights are recommended. A special reminder to those students who are riding bikes- please be cautious coming around corners. We have had reports of a few "near misses" between drivers and cyclists. ​Let's be safe


A Gentle Reminder: No External Audience and Spectators for All School Events/Gatherings 

To maintain safety protocols and keep our schools safe, at this time, external spectators are not permitted to attend indoor school events (i.e. sports games, plays, concerts, performances, assemblies, etc). This district wide policy came into effect on September 13, 2021. Student spectators may only attend indoor school events at their own school, and in accordance with all other established safety guidelines (ie. health check declaration, masks must be worn, spectators to a maximum of 50% capacity for the venue). Thank you for your continued understanding and support as we work to keep our schools and events safe.


Halloween Costumes at School 

Students are reminded that all costumes need to be respectful of our values of Care and Respect for all members of Palmer community. Costumes must also adhere to our code of conduct. Costume masks that obscure faces, and replica weapons are not allowed. A costume mask is not a substitute for a mask that has multiple layers of breathable fabric, or a disposable mask that all students are required to wear as part of our COVID-19 Health & Safety protocols. Costumes need to allow ease of frequent and proper hand washing or hand sanitizing. If you are unsure about a costume, please speak with Mr. Partridge, Ms. Dhanoa, and Mr. Ghaug.