GNA Assessments for All Grade 10's - January 26-27

The GRADUATION NUMERACY ASSESSMENT (GNA) will be held at Palmer Secondary School on January 26-27.  All current Grade 10 students are registered to write the GNA 10 on one of these two days.  (Any grade 11 and 12 students who have not yet written the GNA have also been registered to write – please check with your counsellor if you are unsure about if this applies to you).  

On January 26-27, there will be a morning and afternoon sitting for the Graduation Numeracy Assessment:

     •  Students scheduled for the morning session (8:30-11:30) should arrive by 8:15 AM.
     •  Students scheduled for the afternoon session (12:00-3:00) should arrive by 11:45 AM.

Grade 10 students must check their assessment date and time and location on the posted schedules. Schedules have been posted the school Palmer lounge.


Numeracy is the willingness and perseverance to interpret and apply mathematical understanding to solve problems in contextualized situations, and to analyze and communicate these solutions in ways relevant to the given context.

The Numeracy Assessment is not a typical “math test” and will include 24 common questions and a student choice section (answer 2 of 4). The questions will be context placed problems that students will read, think about and present a solution.  The GNA measures 5 numeracy processes, including students’ abilities to INTERPRET, APPLY, SOLVE, ANALYZE and COMMUNICATE solutions. The GNA is not attached to any course, but reported separately on each student’s official Transcript using a 4-point scale –

1. Emerging   2. Developing   3. Proficient   4. Extending

For more information and to try a practice GNA, please explore the link below: