Dry Grad seeking your support!

Dear Palmer Family,

The Dry After Grad Committee (DAG) would like to count on your support to help raise funds for our Grads of 2021.  At this time, we are not sure what our Graduation Ceremonies and activities for 2020/2021 will look like.  Our parent group is trying to think outside-the-box for ways to still make this milestone special for our graduates of 2021.  We encourage everyone to pass the word on to your friends and family to help support our cause.  See below for details regarding some current fundraising efforts by our Dry Grad Parents.  Thanks for your support of our graduates of 2021.   Mrs. Savory, Principal


Dear Parents/Guardians, 

As you might already know, all graduation ceremonies and activities for our grade 12 students have been put on hold for now but our parent's group still want to try and make this milestone special for our graduates.  The Dry Grad Committee has organized the following two "almost contactless" fundraisers and would appreciate your generous support of one or both.


Purdy's chocolate sale


  • $5 each with four choices for types (dark chocolate with salted butter toffee bar, 85g; milk chocolate with crisp bar, 85g;  milk chocolate with almond bar, 85g; and mini hedgehog pack of 4, 35g), all cautiously bagged for individual orders
  • can be ordered by emailing us at: psdrygrad2021@gmail.com, paying via e-transfer at mk_daya@shaw.ca, and your or your kids picking up on one of the scheduled Fridays (Dec 4, 11 and 18) outside of school @4:30pm


Drink Container Donation

  • via Return-It Express, the faster/easier way to return your empty drink containers (plastic/glass bottles, metal/aluminum cans, drink pouches/boxes, etc.), no sorting/lineups - it does pay to recycle!
  • can be done by bringing your unsorted containers in clear plastic bags to an express depot (for location see this link), using the registered phone number (604-369-4804) at a label stand to print the labels, labeling your bags, and leaving them at the depot (they will count the drink containers and credit our DG account with the deposit refund of 10 cents per container)


Please feel free to share these fundraisers for a worthy cause with all your family and friends - thank you in advance for your help :)!


Keep safe and healthy,

Dry Grad Committee