Daily Notices - Monday April 16th 2018


Student Notices

Monday April 16th, 2018                   

 Today’s Events…


  • Student Council are selling donuts today for $1.50 each or $15 for a dozen!!


  • Attention Ms. Sidhu's ELL 5 Students: Don't forget that there is a meeting in 1-4 today in room 203. This is not an optional meeting and you must bring a pen and lined paper with you at the beginning of the block. Ms. Sidhu will be taking attendance and you will be excused from your regular 1-4 block once you are in Ms. Sidhu's classroom. See you later.


  • All Students please check the list at the front office to see WHO has bought a yearbook!  Make sure your name is on the list.  If you haven’t yet ordered one, please see the Business Assistant ASAP!


Upcoming Events… 

  • All students who signed up to write an AP Exam, please come to a mandatory meeting on Wednesday April 18th at 3pm in Room 131 to register.  You cannot write the AP Exam without registering!  If you are not able to attend this meeting, please see Ms. Dhanoa to register in advance.


  • Kindlers is hosting Palmer’s first ever chocolate selling competition – set up in the small lounge with boxers of chocolate almonds at lunch.  Each box is $2.00.  Prizes are insane!  3rd is a mystery prize; 2nd is a $50 gift card and 1st prize is $100 – competition starts April 23rd!


  • Potluck auditions – please sign up on the sheet outside Mr. Wong, Ms. Calaciura or the Band Room