Louis Riel Day - November 16th



I would like to tell you about Louis Riel Day.

Annually, November 16, marks a very significant day for all Métis people.

Today is the day when all Métis people acknowledge a most remarkable person in Métis history. 

That person is Louis Riel - the iconic leader of the Métis people.

He represents all those courageous Métis who fought for basic human rights not only for the Métis but also for First Nations and all other Canadians. The dynamic Riel was a natural-born leader whose life greatly influenced Canadian society and politics, the founding of Manitoba, and the rights of Western Canadians.


Louis Riel has been the subject of stage, radio, film, opera, television, documentaries, monuments, and a postage stamp. More books, biographies, and articles have been written about this charismatic Métis icon than any other Canadian in history.


Today is a commemoration of the anniversary of the execution of Louis Riel in 1885 in Regina Saskatchewan. On November 16, 1885, Louis Riel made the ultimate sacrifice for his people defending Métis rights. Louis Riel is an inspiration to Métis people. It is because of his dedication, leadership, and legacy that the 70,000 Métis people in British Columbia and all Métis in Canada today can be “PROUD TO BE MÉTIS”.


Anthony Krilow


North Fraser Métis Association