Journey Home Community - Meeting to find out more on Thursday

In 2017 the number of refugees, or people who are fleeing situations which threaten their lives in one way or another due to political, ethnic, religious, social or other forms of persecution, went past the 60 million mark around the world.  Hardly a country remains untouched by this humanitarian crisis, and Canada has had to respond as tens of thousands of refugees arrive in Canada every year.  Many of these refugees arriving in Canada will claim asylum as they flee from desperate and tragic events, and this is the group of people which the Canadian social network which assists refugees does not support in a very effective manner.  By the end of the year it is possible that over 1500 claimant refugees will have arrived in Metro Vancouver.  Journey Home Community is an organization which seeks to assist families in this category with their resettlement in this area.  Who are these people?  What are their stories?  Come find out more about them on Thursday, November 9 at 3:30pm in room 122.