RCMP hosts the Project 529 Bike Registry Event at Palmer on October 10th

The Richmond RCMP has been encouraging cyclists to register their bicycles with the Project 529 Garage service.

The Project 529 Garage is a comprehensive bike registration and recovery service created by Portland, Oregon–based company, Project 529.  Bicycle registration is critical to helping police return recovered bikes to their owners.

The Project 529 Garage is a smartphone-based application which allows cyclists to easily capture all of the identifying details of their bicycle within the App.

In the event of theft, with a few taps on their phone, the victim can immediately alert the RCMP, other cyclists and their social networks with details and images of their bike. If the bike is spotted, witnesses can submit details and photos of a potential sighting.

Also, when a stolen bicycle is recovered after being registered with 529 Garage, the police can contact the owner and reunite them with their bike.