Palmer Mural Just Finished!

Palmer Mural Just Finished!

R. C. Palmer has just introduced a new mural to the school and it is fabulous! A super talented grade 12 student, Jessica Li, took it on in January as her independent piece for her Studio Arts class. The plan was to highlight Palmer’s motto of P.R.I.D.E.  

P=Positive Attitude

R= Respect

I= Integrity

D= Diversity

E= Excellence

The school has been working on P.R.I.D.E. with Nicola Beninger and Ellen Hsu Kondratowski from the school board to create a welcoming environment ...

Work started on May 12 of this year and with the help of many students the goal of finishing before the school ended for the year was reached.

Thank you to the painters Jana Caine, Biancha Ticman, Queenie Ngai, Ashley Chang, Joseph Vergel De Dios, Kristal Huang, Justin Mackey, Carmen Xu, William Bradshaw, Jimson Zheng, Jennica Wong, Emma Lu and Erika Wang.

What a legacy this grade 12 student will be leaving to the school!  See the article featured in Richmond News!!!