Winners of the Teensmag Writing Contest - Congratulations!!

Congratulations to Palmer students who won the Teensmag writing contest for the upcoming publication!

Since 1988, The Teensmag has been a magazine written by Youth for Youth. It is a Resource Guide for Counsellors, Educators and Parents. The Teensmag is interesting, informative and should be read by youth aged 14 - 18 years old.

This publication focuses on Drug Education, Drug Prevention and Drug Awareness and encourages Youth to make healthy and informed decisions relating to the dangers of Substance Abuse and the influence of their peers.

Their message is that each individual must make the most of their own lives by making correct choices.


Congratulations again to the following winners:


William Lu
Tasneet Suri
Sophie Co
Michelle Wang
Samuel Alcantara
Mohammed Al-Seragi
Nicholas To
Zechariah Noronha
Khadija Daya
Victoria Griffith
Nolan Gorelik
Haruki Asada
Nathan Ticman
Sunny Cui
Joan Liu