Summer Learning 2017 - SEATS STILL AVAILABLE

As you know, Summer Learning 2017 online registration started on various dates throughout May.  




1.  Summer Academic Full Credit (Grades 10-12 courses) - Biology 12, English 11 and Social Studies 11


2.  Summer Camps - most camps have seats available (e.g. art, badminton, cooking, CSI, Fashion, iPhone/iPad App Development, STEM)


3.  Summer Enrichment Grades 1-7 (non-credit) courses - Dance & Drama, English for ELL students, English Reading & Writing, Fun with French and French for French Immersion students


4.  Summer Enrichment Grades 8-12 courses - Preview English 8-10, Genius Hours for Grades 8-12, Preview Math 8-10, Preview Pre-Calculus 11, Preview Science 8-10


5.  Summer Explorations @ Gilmore - Grades 4-6 afternoon


6.  Summer Innovation @ Brighouse - lots of seats available in afternoon courses for Grades 1-6 students



(a)  Elementary students may only take ONE Grades 1-7 Enrichment, Explorations or Innovation course.

(b)  Secondary students may take ONE, TWO or THREE Enrichment, Full Credit or Remedial courses.

(c)  Grade 7 students must choose either ONE Grades 1-7 Enrichment course, or ONE, TWO, or THREE Grades 8-12 courses.

(d)  Summer Academic Remedial online registration begins Tuesday, June 27 @ 3:30 pm.


REGISTER ONLINE: for more information.