Science Fair 2016 – Palmer’s Tenth Anniversary

Science Fair 2016 – Palmer’s Tenth Anniversary

The 2016 Palmer Science Fair marked the 10th consecutive anniversary of Richmond School District’s largest, longest, and most successful Science Fair.  42 Projects were on display and our school was joined by over 200 students visiting from grade 5, 6 and 7’s from Currie, Ferris, and Debeck.   Special presentations and demonstration were also given by past winner Olivia Li, Ray Liu and Mr. Shim at the end of the evening.

In grade 8, Jeffrey Dai & Kyle Qi captured first place with their Going Bananas project, in second Jonah Chen & Eric Fan created a “Privacy Monitor,” in third Jasmine Mananao created a new type of ink, and honorable mention was given to Ilman Karim & Tommy Zhang.

Grade 9’s were led by the dynamic duo of Jason Pang & Andrew Xie in their creation of chitin-based plastic, while Lina Yang & Zakiya Abdulaziz captured second.  Third place winners Tayvie van Eeuwen & Kate Xu created a solution for those beetle pests while Liang Liu & Justin Ku received honorable mention for engineering a stirling engine.

In grade 10, first place was awarded to Isabelle Chung & Annabelle Wang for their project on the creation of chromatic paint for temperature regulation.  In second was Allison Chun & Ada Chung, third, Lance Chen, and honorable mention went to Derek Ku and Ryan Lam.

Joining two time National Gold award winner, Ray Liu at the Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair at UBC in April will be the top two teams in each grade.  Everyone is invited to this event where the all the top schools from the Lower Mainland will be competing.

We want thank our student administrators Mary Li and Vivien Hui, our team of 38 judges, Mr. Shim, Ms. Roberts, Ms. Wang, Mr. Sidhu, Mr. Fraser, & Ms. Naidu., for their ongoing support.